New Emojimo iOS free keyboard translates texts into emoji

Are you a big fan of using messenger when talking to your friends and family and focused on sending lots of emoticons? If you are an Apple user, you may find the Emojimo iOS keyboard quite interesting and interactive while typing messages which can be instantly translated into relevant emoji.

Developed by Echelon Creative company, the Emojimo keyboard is the only one capable of translating in real time texts into emoji and it can be downloaded for free from iTunes Store. Similar with auto correct feature, but instead of providing words, it shows emoji on your device’s display.

A fun and cool keyboard app for iPhone and iPad users which makes communication with others more interactive and creative. Good to know that you can easily switch between two modes: the auto replace button for emoji and automatic qwerty, when you prefer a classic way of sending texts.

keyboard translating texts into emoji

Source: The Next Web

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