New WordPress 4.0 version makes website localization easier

WordPress officially released the fourth version of the platform which arrived with a bunch of new updates and improvements for developers, bloggers or everyone who’s using it.

Also known as Benny, in  honor of the famous American jazz musician and clarinetist, Benny Goodman, the 4.0 version is already available for download here or it can be updated in the dashboard of your current platform.

WordPress 4.0 comes with a redesigned look for media library pages plus for the content management system’s plugin, as well as other cool features to improve usability, stability or security.

If the localization process was simple with the previous WordPress version, wait until you try this improved platform which includes better support for languages, providing a large options of languages during the installation procedure, post editor improvements or a smooth experience with embeds. Moreover, it allows users to download “PO” and “MO” files needed for translation.

For more information about the features integrated with the new WordPress 4.0, please see the source link.

Source: Business2Community

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