Nintendo to announce localization for Chibi-Robo and Bravely Second games

Nintendo, one of the largest Japanese companies specialized in video games, has announced some fresh news for the fans during an informative Japanese Direct session last weekend. If you are someone who enjoys playing video games released by Nintendo, you might be curious to find out that there’s a brand new entry in the Chibi-Robo series for 3DS, known as Zip Lash!. This game will be localized for North America community, along with the Amiibo figure, this October.

Dr Mario: Miracle Cure is another confirmed game for the 3DS owners which will be coming to Japanese market and it will officially be launched on June 11, but pre-orders are already available. Bravery Second: End Layer 3DS game was considered a success in Japan, so it will be heading to the West in 2016 for its fans, with a confirmation from both Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe.

Nintendo also announced that Academy Home Studio will come to Wii U and it will offer time-lapse video uploading to YouTube channel. More news available in the source link.

bravely second video game

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