NTT Docomo to introduce free trial handwriting translation service

NTT Docomo, a large mobile phone operator in Japan, said in a press release on Wednesday, September 9th, that it has introduced a free trial handwriting translation service called Tegaki Hon’yaku. It is a translation app that will recognize users’ handwriting on smartphones and tablets, having their words or phrases between Japan and four other languages: French, English, Korean and simplified Chinese.

The service also comes with an illustration function that allows users to communicate by drawing, especially for annotating translations with maps or other visual elements that are difficult to be explained in words. It has been installed and available at information desks at the Tokyo International Air Terminal, where foreign visitors will get directions and airport facilities from the airport’s staff until November 30.

The free trial handwriting translation service is not only available to DOCOMO customer, so any Google Play user with an account registered in Japan or U.S can download the app on the mobile, as long as the device is running Android 4.3 or later.

Source: ACN News Network 

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