Online translation to threaten translators’ job

When you need to translate a specific text from one language to another, the first thing that comes to mind is using a free online translation service. It is probably one of the most convenient and simple solutions, especially if you are running out of time and you need fast results. However, your translation might not be just perfect or reliable, but good enough to help your purpose.

According to a recent Translating European Forum in Brussels, online translation might affect drastically any professional translator or interpret’s job which could be replaced by machines in the next future. Participants at this forum joked about this subject saying that the last human translator might loose his job in 2027.

Although it’s not known when exactly it’s going to happen, the presence of software-based translations and specialized websites are putting translators’ job in danger. So far, it hadn’t a major impact on their job, but there’s a reasonable explanation to keep in mind for the next period of time.

One important aspect mentioned at the conference -among other topics – was about the copyright of translation as being protected by law in the European Union and EU state members, which is a good news for translators, because they can demand rights for intellectual property.

For more insights and conclusion highlighted at the Translation European Forum in Brussels, please read here.

Source: Deutsche Welle

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