Pebble SmartWatch now available in French, English and Spanish languages

There’s been a lot of buzz lately around the smart watches gadgets that might be the next big thing in 2015 when we are going to see more products entering the market. Despite its very small display, it comes with a bunch of features you can use without the need to verify your smartphone. Although there is a considerable number of Android wear watches out there such as Moto 360, Samsung Gear Live plus the upcoming Apple Watch, Pebble was one of the first smart watches to be available in this niche.

After its successful campaign on Kickstarter in 2012 when it raised more than $10 million, Pebble started shipping the Bluetooth connected wearable watch in early January 2013 to bakers and now it just announced new updates in terms of localization. After adding support for notifications in over 90 languages and a promise for multi-lingual updates in the next future, the wearable smart watch will now support French, English and Spanish languages.

It is currently limited to the iPhone app, but it will be also available for Android users anytime soon. This recent interface localization is useful for Pebble users, as they can easily change the language needed within the settings menu, including also a variety of third-party apps integrated in the watch. No words on when other languages will be added, but it seems that there are plans for a Chinese support as well.

smartwatch language support

Source: Venture Beat

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