POEditor publishes step by step guide for WordPress translation plugin

This week brings good news for the WordPress community: the localization management platform POEditor has just published a step by step guide on how to use its translation plugin for WordPress, a tool especially designed to manage the translation of themes and plugins directly from your WordPress dashboard.

The guide describes in detail the 5 basic steps that need to be taken to set up a WordPress localization workflow with the POEditor plugin. In short, these are:

  1. Generate API token in POEditor account and use it in WordPress with the POEditor plugin.
  2. Create a translation project.
  3. Add a language to the created project and link to it a local WordPress language file.
  4. Send the terms from the linked file to the POEditor localization platform in order to be translated.
  5. Retrieve the localized language files to WordPress account.

POEditor offers its localization services for free up to 1000 strings, which should be enough for translating the default WordPress theme in 9 languages.

You can read the full WordPress localization management guide from POEditor on the POEditor blog.


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