Pricing comparison for software localization tools

Given the fact that there are high-growth markets out there which can provide many opportunities and increase the chances of becoming successful, businesses have started to change their mindset about localization. It is a strategy that is worth investing valuable resources in, because with its help, companies can reach more customers from diverse cultures and reach a higher number of sales.

If you are planning to focus on global markets, so you can make your software product known for a wider audience, then you need to start using a software localization tool. When it comes to choosing a piece of software, pricing is probably the most important factor to influence your decision.

For anyone looking to purchase a software localization tool, you can find an informative pricing comparison realized by the team from About Localization Blog, where they’ve compared four great online tools from this niche: Transifex, CrowdIn, POEditor and Get localization.

The article provides useful insights about these four platforms with comparative tables and concrete examples of various types of projects, including languages and strings needed, so you can know exactly which is the most convenient solution that best suits your needs.

For more details about the pricing comparison, please read the source link.

Source: About Localization Blog

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