Realtime translation system from POEditor

POEditor is a collaborative translation platform aimed at offering translators and project managers an easy solution to manage their software translation work. It is a localization tool that comes with many useful features, such as crowdsourced translation projects, translation memory, API, and GitHub and Bitbucket integration, making the process of translating a website, app, game or other software products easy and hassle free.

The team at POEditor recently announced the implementation of an improved realtime translation system, which brings some benefits to all the users involved in a translation project. This new version allows contributors to see who is active and working on the same language as they are. It also shows in real time if a term’s translation status is changed in a particular language. There’s a similar procedure like the one used in Google Sheets when a person can see if someone else is working on a document and mark the progress done.

There are also some advantages for project administrators and owners, who have access to a Live activity box, which shows the persons that are connected to the project. Moreover, if they perform any action (adding or deleting a translation), those will also appear in real time.

For more details about how the POEditor Realtime Translation System got improved, in order to provide a better interface for collaborative localization, read the source link.

Source: POEditor blog


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