Report: Lionbridge was named as market leader in language services

Common Sense Advisory, an independent market research firm, released the annual report called “The Language Services Market 2015” and for the fourth consecutive time, Lionbridge was ranked as a market leader in language service providers.

For this report, the research company surveyed 860 respondents who had to rank the global 100 language service providers in the market based on size, revenue and service, in order to identify the most performing ones. Lionbridge Technologies, Inc., the largest provider on the list, continues to lead the market, especially due to its constant growth, revenue and large portfolio of translation and marketing services.

According to CSA report, the market for outsourced language translation services has already reached $38 billion and is expected to grow by 6 percent in the coming year. In “The Language Services Market 2015” report, Common Sense Advisory noted that Lionbridge is considered a “perennial list-topper”, but more information about its findings can be found here.

Source: PR NewsWire

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