Rosetta Stone language app now available on Xbox One

As a Xbox One fan, you are probably already using the console to watch movies or play interactive games with your friends and family, and now you can also try it for learning a new language with the help of Rosetta Stone. One of the biggest brand names in online language learning industry, Rosetta Stone announced on its official blog the launch of an application that allows console owners to learn a new language.

For the moment, the app called Discover Languages is limited only to Spanish and English, and it offers users a great way to improve language skills through virtual travel experiences by teaching them the vocabulary and grammar needed for the real world.

It works in an interactive mode, by allowing users to explore different locations in the Discovery Zone where they can chat with the characters found there. There’s also a Training Zone to help people clarify some concepts encountered during the learning process, cultural tips, phrase books and many other games. A fun way to learn a new language on your console game.

Xbox language learning

Source: Rosetta Stone blog

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