Sajan announced SiteSync technology service

Sajan is a big provider of global language translation and localization services which is helping clients to successfully expand their products and enter the international markets. Focusing on offering customers a great user experience and answering theirs’ demands, the company just announced the launch of SiteSync technology service, designed to simplify website translation through Sajan website hosting in the cloud, according to Market Watch.

Moreover, the new service is flexible and compatible with Sajan’s current technologies and it is also something unique in the industry, as it connects perfectly with Transplicity, the translation management system. Due to these particularities, SiteSync provides process automation, content reuse and cost savings through the translation memory software.

It has also been said that, unlike other website management technologies on the market, this service is customizable, scalable and modular, giving clients the opportunity to choose which elements to allow and providing a great and full end-to-end website translation experience.

For more information, read the full article on Market Watch.

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