Sajan’s translation management system adds a new capability

Transplicity is Sajan’s translation management system, a flexible solution and a cloud-based tool on the market that promises to simplify customers’ translation projects workflows and to include an advanced translation memory technology. The company has just launched a new capability for its translation management system, an enterprise technology management feature which is the latest tool to be integrated into Transplicity, as it was announced in a press release.

In terms of benefits, this feature¬†differentiates from other similar systems thanks to its deep integration with Sajan’s patented contextualized translation memory in every part of translation process, letting clients to manage and organize their organizations’ product-specific terms or categorize them from one single place.

The enterprise technology management feature also enables users to make online addition and editing of terminology, as well as control of glossary terms status or on-demand reporting, status editing or exporting into .tbx model and the ability to exchange information with other systems and architectures.

Read more details about Transplicity’s new capability by following the source link.

Source: PR Newswire  

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