Skype launched the Translator for Windows desktop app

If you are a Skype user who’s been using the Translator app, you should know that Microsoft has officially launched the service for Windows desktop app. The translation tool is now capable of of providing translation over video chat in 6 different languages such as: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin, as well as 50 text messaging languages.

The main goal of Skype Translator was to eliminate language barriers between people and bring “everyone across the globe closer together”, said the Skype Team on the official blog, emphasizing the idea that everyone at Microsoft has been working hard to make things possible. It has also been mentioned a list of some inspirational stories of people using the translator service for different causes, projects or research.

For those who are new to real-time translation capabilities, there’s a “how to” video available explaining how anyone using a Windows PC, laptop or tablet can simply translate with the Skype Translator. See more details here.

skype translator app

Source: Skype Blog

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