Skype Translator now available without a sign-up process

Any user who wanted to use Skype Translator app had to go through a sign-up process for getting a preview (beta) version of this translation platform. It is not a must-do procedure anymore. A few days ago, Microsoft-owned Skype announced on their official blog that they’ve removed the sign-up requirement, so people can have easier access to platform, aimed at breaking down language barriers and improving communication between those speaking different languages.

Therefore, you can now use the real-time online translation service by simply downloading the Skype Translation preview available in the Windows store for Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 preview PC or table.

In terms of languages supported, the translator has four voice languages: Italian, English, Spanish and Mandarin, including 50 instant messages (IM) languages that enables users to write a text messages in their tongue and it will be received in the recipient’s language of choice.

To find out more information about Skype Translator, watch this short video presentation from YouTube.

skype translator app

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Source: Skype blog

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