Skype Translator preview has began

If you’ve been signing up for a preview of Skype Translator, you are probably excited to find out that Microsoft has started to roll out its much awaited translation app. The Skype Translator preview has just made a debut and you can have a first-hand experience with this new way of communication with people around the world, eliminating any language barriers. It is aimed at providing better ways for people to be more productive and create strong connections with others.

According to the official blog, the first phase of the translator preview is available for users and it begins with support for English and Spanish languages, including over 40 instant messaging languages available to Skype clients who have chosen to sign up for it.

Skype has also released a video on YouTube with children from two schools in Mexico and United States, asking them to play a game and communicate in initiate a conversation in both English and Spanish. You can watch it here.

Source: Skype blog

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