Smartling acquired Jargon, a mobile technology company

Smartling, a translation software company, has recently acquired Jargon, a mobile technology company that offers an easy way for global markets to localize their mobile applications. With this new acquisition, integrated into the company’s Global Fluent Platform, companies will have the option to enhance mobile app localization for a global audience.

The Jargon technology offers customers the option to easily and instantly localize global content by using a single line code into a mobile app, while any new content, languages or corrections can be instantly pushed over-the-air to native apps all over the world.

Besides the over-the-air updates, the Jargon technology allows developers and localization professionals to test apps across any language via specialized mobile QA workflows, revise translations directly on the app, or flag problems to be solved by the translator or developer.

Smartling is working on fully integrating the Jargon technology into their platform, so they can offer a simple, yet sophisticated solution for companies looking to quickly and effectively localize their mobile apps.

Read PrNewsWire to find out more info about this new acquisition.

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