Software translation to improve translators’ work

The evolution of technology has improved humans’ lives in many ways and, while, we can’t actually talk about a replacement of the human factor, it will bring lots of advantages and help people do their jobs a lot easier and faster. This applies also for the translation industry which has become an important business strategy, especially for those companies focused on reaching an international audience.

In fact, according to Common Sense Advisory, a consulting firm and cited by The Economist the business of translation, interpreting or software localization generates revenues of $37 billion a year and these numbers may continue to go up, because we are facing a continuously growing market. In a multicultural world with different cultures and tongues, a simple translation of services or products in English isn’t enough anymore. It takes a (software) localization strategy to make a difference by adapting a product/service to a different culture and language than the one it was designed for.

Far from replacing humans, software translation becomes a helpful tool capable of helping translators or project managers to improve work and keep up with the market’s high demands. Translation memory or machine translation are only two examples of useful tools which can speed up work and bring lots of advantages for both clients and translators. With the aid of a software localization management platform, translators’ work gets smoother and easier.

While there are plenty of useful localization tools available on the market, Transifex, POEditor and Crowdin are some of the best online tools packed with great features aimed at providing reliable translation services, saving time and making the process of translating a software to become easy and simple. If interested about subscribing to such a service, read this article with insights about a pricing factor, which can be essential, when dealing with a buying decision.

Article inspired by  The Economist

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