Sticker Mule to introduce a multilingual website

Sticker Mule company offers various custom stickers for small businesses, bloggers, startups or big companies, allowing them to personalize these stickers as they want. According to PRWeb, the company has teamed up with Interpro Translations Solutions to introduce a multilingual website aimed at reaching a wider global audience audience. Due to an increase in international sales, Sticker Mule has decided to launch a multilingual website and FAQs into five languages.

The website had already English and Italian version, and now more languages have been added: Danish, French, Japanese and Spanish with the help of Interpro’s translation services. Due tot he fact that Sticker Mule has a dynamic website that requires ongoing translation, the partnership with Interpro has proven to be a “a quick and effortless process on our end”, said Anthony Thomas, CEO and Founder of Sticker Mule.

The work involved 120,000 words that needed to be translated, edited and proofread, as well as a full validation of the entire website for each language. Follow the source link to find out more details.


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