Systran 8 Translator for desktops has been released

Systran is one of the oldest machine translation companies in this industry that helps global organizations to better communicate and generate content in multiple languages. The company has just announced the release of Systran 8 Translator, which is a new software for desktop users.

The new translator is designed for freelancers, individuals and businesses who need to instantly translate all types of documents to get a better understanding of them. It comes with a new user interface that makes easily the process of translating text, Web pages, Microsoft Office documents, emails, or to search for words/definitions in a dictionary, without an Internet connection required.

Systran 8 Translator includes new features such as PDF documents processing, OmniTranslator, integration of translation tools in web browsers, batch file translation, and is compatible with Windows 7.8 and 10.

To find out more info about the new Systran 8 Translator, read

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