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Net Translators announced a new cloud-based system to translate websites

Founded in 2001, Net Translators is a provider of translation, localization and multilingual testing services in more than 60 languages aimed at helping software developers, medical-device manufacturers or hardware companies to prepare their products for a global audience. The company…
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Google Translate and Wikipedia are part of an interactive linguistic experiment

When it comes to communication, every traveler understands the importance of learning new words and phrases in a foreign language, because the process offers a better understanding of a country’s culture. Maps can be considered reliable tools to help people visualize different…
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Lingotek announced a global partnership with Lingoport

Lingotek, the Translation Network, is a technology company aimed at offering professional language translation services, which has recently announced a new global partnership with Lingoport to deliver continuous localization and translation for software applications. These two companies has teamed up to…
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