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Global digital marketing and localization certification will launch in January 2016

If you are working in the translation and localization industry, you might be interested in learning and gaining more knowledge in this domain that is constantly evolving. The University of North Carolina in partnership with the Localization Institute have announced the…
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CSOFT International Ltd announced “I Translate” campaign

CSOFT International Ltd, a provider of translation and globalization services, has recently announced a new campaign called “I Translate” aimed at emphasizing the importance of languages and appreciating translators worldwide. This initiative was firstly mentioned at the company’s annual Summit in Beijing,…
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Frankfurt airport app now includes a sign translator feature

If you’ve been to Frankfurt before, you may have some knowledge of the official app of the Frankfurt airport which provides many useful functions and information on different flights, shopping, parking or other services, focused on delivering and improving the customer experience. After introducing five…
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