TAKEASY translation app to add new features for a better user experience

TAKEASY, considered to be the world’s first remote real-time & live-human human translation app, has included new features to offer a better user experience. The translation app had its first launched version in April 2016, and from that time, the app team  has kept a close eye on the user interface, response speed and other details, so they can constantly improve the user experience.

Therefore, TAKEASY translation app will now has the following new features:

  • rating and review system – users can instantly give scores and write down opinions, feelings after each online translation service;
  • translator status and message notification – users will be able to quickly see which translators are available and he/she can easily check the text/image messages sent by translators;
  • promo code feature – this feature will encourage users to get more involved with the apps’ online or offline campaigns to get discounts;
  • more supported languages – Three new languages has been added: Korean, French and Spanish, along with English and Chinese languages.

For more information about the new features added by TAKEASY translation app, please read PRNewsWire.

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