The English translation patch for 7th Dragon 2020 has been released

If you are a video game fan, you may be interested in knowing that Geoff Embree announced a full English translation patch for 7th Dragon 2020 on PSP. The patch is available in .xdelta format and is larger than 520 MB which means that it can be downloaded via torrent or

It is good to know there’s a glitch available for the name entry screen that needs to be used in English full-width,¬†instead of the Latin alphabet in the on-screen keyboard. 7th Dragon 2020 is a follow up to 7th Dragon and was released for PSP in Japan.

Although none of these two titles was localized, there is an upcoming third game named the 7th Dragon III Code: VDF for 3DS that will be launched in the Americas on July 12. Read more info on


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