The Structure of English Language to Help Learning, Research Says

The fast growth of technology in the last period has proven how vital is communication in every aspect of our lives. More than that, it’s important to find the right words and show clearly what we want to communicate to another person.

According to a research  done by Lancaster University, a proper structure of English language could help kids learn better.  The study was conducted by an international team from the Department of Psychology at the University who managed to offer an ample analysis of sound meaning structure with the aid of techniques used in biology and genetics.

Some words like “woof”, for example, show the sound of a dog while others with an identical meaning could have a similar structure at the beginning – such as “sl” sound – but different and negative properties in words: “slut, slime,slum”.

This topic was debated due to recent studies related with sound symbolism showing that words sound like the meaning. It has also been indicated that sound symbolism should be necessary and helpful for kids to learn.

Source: Science

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