Transifex to release Translation Memory 3.0

Transifex is a big player in the localization industry and a localization automation platform provider with many companies from all over the world. According to a recent news available on the official blog, the company released a new upgrade to its current translation memory, a 3.0 version for all users.

If you are wondering what’s new in the translation memory 3.0, this new platform was build to process a large amount of data very fast, as well as to deliver translation suggestions in real-time. Moreover, the new TM 3.0 is able to offer improved and relevant suggestions, no matter the source language, and translators can now translate strings using these suggestions.

For premium Transifex users, there are new features such as: delete TM suggestions, enjoy multiple TM groups or see reports showing how much of the translated content matches what was previously translated.

You can read more details about this update on Transifex blog.

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