Translation and localization to help global e-commerce expansion, study says

One Hour Translation is a well-known online translation agency which provides high quality services for customers all over the world. In a recent study realized by the company, data have shown that translation and localization of e-commerce websites can have a big impact on global customers.

The translation agency also highlighted the idea that localization can be a great method for businesses to attract new clients and increase online sales, since people (will) spend a lot of time for online holiday shopping. Moreover, consumers who are non-native English speakers will be more inclined to purchase products from a site with information available in their mother tongue, so many companies might fail to succeed, if not investing in localization.

Findings have shown that a significant number of respondents prefer to shop online in a native language and, among them, the largest percentage was represented by Japanese people (90%), followed by Italians (82.5%) and Germans (79.5%) and French-speaking Canadians (74%).

Translating a website into multiple languages and localize it properly is an easier and smart way to increase sales and attract many online shoppers this holiday season. For more information about this topic, you can visit the source link.

Source: Sys-con Media

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