Translator 10 Beta is now available for Windows 10 users

Microsoft has just announced Translator 10 available in Beta for all Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile users, an app that will let them translate texts and materials in different languages. Although it’s been released in beta, it still gives users plenty of options to utilize when in need for fast translation.

Regarding its capabilities, Translator 10 beta can translate text typed in, but also words shown in front of a camera, as well as text-to-speech, so users can hear translation from a native speaker.

It is important to know that the app translation can download translation packs and be used in offline mode, without the use of your data when travelling aboard. Other features that are worth mentioning are: history, search and favorites, allowing users access to previous translations that have been saved, or word of the day feature to enables them learning new words or phrases.

translate 10 beta


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