Ubisoft to expand its offices for the Russian gaming community

One of the most popular video game developer and publisher, Ubisoft, is opening a new office in Moscow for the Russian gaming community, because the market is getting bigger day by day. The giant company is also planning on developing new games and focusing on localization strategy, hoping to gain more customers and increase sales number.

Besides US, known as a traditional market for high gaming sales, Russia becomes also an important hub for game spending, so the company’s plans to invest in this market are justified. Moreover, Ubisoft European director stated that Russian people are passionate and devoted to the games they love, so the expansion in this region will surely bring new advantages.

The game developer adds Russia location to a large list with offices and studios available around the world, such as: France, Barcelona, China, Japan, US, Canada, London or Barcelona.

Source: Venture Beat.com

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