University of Virginia to buy a language software

Whether you are living in the state of Virginia or are just planning on studying there, it’s good to know that the University library system recently bought a new web-based language software, offering students the opportunity to learn courses in 60 foreign languages.

Mango is the name of the language software and what it is aiming at is teaching and helping students, professors and faculty members to study one of these 60 languages plus English as a second language course. The University used the software as a trial version last year and, since it received positive feedback from users, it decided to invest $15.000 per year and purchase the product.

Mango offers to those interested the opportunity to learn a foreign language outside the classroom, to refresh or improve what has been learned from the professor, as well as to be prepared for studying abroad. What you should know is that Mango doesn’t provide credits like an academic course, but it’s a good method to improve any language skills you need for an international research project or for a faculty in another country.

Source: The Cavalier Daily

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