Univoca translation app to learn refugees speak “Southern”

One of the biggest challenges for North Korean refugees is the fact that they are struggling with the language barriers in the Southern region, making difficult to live and communicate with locals. Univoca translation app, developed by¬†Seoul’s top advertising firm, Cheil Worldwide, might be the solution for them, because it is a smartphone app aimed at helping North Korean refugees understand and learn South Korean words.

Since the two Koreans still share the same writing system, the process of learning will be easier with the Univoca app which provides translation of 3,600 words chosen from South Korean high school textbooks, including day-to-day expressions. More difficult words and terms from other newspapers or textbooks will also be added anytime soon.

In the context of a growing number of North Korean student defectors in the southern part, this translation app proves to be an useful tool that could help them overcome language obstacles from one day to another.

Source: GlobalPost.com

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