Upcoming Google Translate to include Word Lens and conversations features

Many of you have probably used Google Translate app at least once to communicate with foreign people from other countries during a holiday or in any other context. It can be a really useful app for a mobile device which seems to get new features. According to the guys from Android Police, the upcoming Google Translate will include Word Lens image detection plus a conversational feature.

If you aren’t familiar with Word Lens, it is Google’s recent acquisition app which lets users translate a text and sign from another language to the one you understand by pointing a camera to it. Moreover, the text will be shown in your language through the lens and it will soon be integrated in the next Google Translation app.

Besides this update, Google also brings a great conversational feature that will listen to conversations held with someone in a different language translate and automatically translate the words in both languages. Users will be able to select the language involved in a conversation and it will make the communication process a lot easier, faster and smoother.

No official date is known at this point about the release of these features, but the implementation appears to be complete, so it should happen anytime soon.

Source: Android Police

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