Welocalize will have two new offices in US and Romania

Welocalize, a US-based company that provides translation and localization services for clients all over the world, officially announced the opening of two new offices located in Cluj, Romania and Chicago, Ilinois, United States. With this new expansion, Welocalize will now has 15 global offices situated in North America, Asia and Europe that will offer international customers the best language services.

The office in Cluj will be one of the company’s principal European centers of excellence and will deliver provide a large portfolio of globalization and localization services in over 170 languages to clients all over the world. As for the second office located in Chcago, it will represent one of Park IP Translations (part of Welocalize company) and Welocalize’s North America centers of excellence in business development, innovation and project management.

According to Smith Yewell, CEO and co-founder at Welocalize, the two offices in US and Romania are “representative of Welocalize’ commitment to be close to the clients”, aimed at building long-term relationships and increasing demand for globalization and internationalization services.

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Source: Power-engineering.com

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