Whatsapp will be launched in Urdu language

One of the most popular messenger app, Whatsapp, has just announced that it will launch a Urdu version for the Android platform. According to Whatsapp Urdu Translation administrator Ahsan Saeed, the app has been 100% translated and it’s ready to be released anytime soon.

Regarding the translation process, the administrator also stated that the project started three years ago, took three months and it was realized with the help of volunteers.

His efforts were concentrated in offering a localized app for all Urdu users who can already communicate using a Urdu keyboard, and the translation process included all features from the menus to all the settings.

Saeed also said Urdu is the 18th language in which Whatsapp for Android platform has been translated, but there is no word whether it will be available for the other platforms: Windows Phone and iOS.

Whatsapp in Urdu

                                                                                         Photo via whatsapp.com

More information can be found at Tribune.com.

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