Windows 10 will add support for Mexican Spanish and Canadian French languages

If you are using Microsoft Windows platform, you probably know by now that Windows 10 officially launches on Wednesday,July 29th, and a free upgrade will be available in 160 countries, said the company on its official blog. Announced in September 2014, this new version will deliver new capabilities to tablets, PCs, or phones, and promises to be more secure, productive and more personal, delivering innovative experiences for users around the world.

Excepting all the new features coming to Windows 10, the platform will also add support for Mexican Spanish and Canadian French languages, meaning there is a focus on localization and interest to offer a better user experience. Windows has already supported full localization of French and International Spanish, but the added dialects are different from the original languages.

PC World magazine said that Windows officially supports a number of 111 languages through Language Interface Packs, but many of them are incomplete translations that may require a fully localization process, while only 40 localized language packs will be available with the operating system.

To read more information about Windows 10 update, follow the source link.

Windows 10 logo

Source: PC World

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