Wix’s Localization Strategy to Expand in Large International Markets

Wix.com Ltd is a large web development platform that enables users to create mobile and HTML5 websites using their online tools. The company announced recently a significant expansion in big international markets such as Russia and Brazil.

The localization strategy aim to provide customer support resources and design templates in multiple markets, allowing users to use local methods for payment or localized marketing and distribution solutions.

Wix.com Ltd has seen a significant growth in these two key international markets, with more than 26 percent in the second quarter of the year. The main purpose is to tailor their its product and offer variety in a global market and countries where English isn’t a native language.

Currently, the platform provides over 500 design templates available in multiple languages including Russian, Japanese and Portuguese, while the HTML5 Editor and customer service resources are available in 11 languages, plus payments accepted in 9 currencies with plans to expand them in the upcoming future.

Source: Nasdaq.com

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