YouTube announced a translation marketplace tool

YouTube, the Google-owned online video sharing website, has announced on the official blog post some new translation features that will help their users to reach a larger audience. According to YouTube, more than 60% of channel’s views come from a different location than the creator’s home country, meaning that 2 of 3 people who watch the creator’s channel might speak a different language.

YouTube has added these new language tools to help creators make their video content more accessible to a global and diverse audience. The most important one is a translation marketplace (beta) tool for professional translations that can be ordered from Video Manager by choosing a desired target language, then checkout and pay.

Other two features announced include: a tool for community-contributed subtitles and closed captions to crowd-sourced video subtitles and reach more people in more languages with the power of the community, and the possibility to add translated titles and descriptions to your videos, so viewers can enjoy the video information in their native language.

More information on YouTube Blog.

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